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Donations Policy


The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library generally accepts donations of books, magazines, records, cassettes, videos, CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs.*

  • All materials donated to the Library are subject to the Collection Development policy. Generally, items will be selected for the Library's collections if they are in good condition and likely to be in demand or fill in gaps in the collection.
  • The Library retains the right to determine where donated materials will be allocated.
  • Donated materials that are not added to the collection are disposed of at the discretion of the Library. The majority of these materials are given to the Friends of the Library for their book sales. Money earned by the Friends is returned to the Library in the form of grants for special purchases or programs. A small number of donated materials are placed for sale near the circulation desk at the Main Library. Proceeds from the sale of these items goes into the Library's gift fund, which is used for the purchase of Hoosier art. Still other materials may be placed in an annual silent auction managed by the Genealogy and Local History Services Department. The proceeds from the silent auction go into the Library's Old Richardville Publications Fund, which is used to publish books of local interest.
  • Upon request, the library staff can provide a form letter stating the number of items donated to the Library. However, an estimate or certification of value will not be provided by the Library.
  • A bin is located in the lobby of the Main Library for the convenience of persons who wish to donate a small number of items to the Library. The library staff assumes that materials placed in the bin may be used or disposed of as the Library sees fit and that the donor does not expect an acknowledgment.

* The Library has a separate "Artwork Donations Policy."


Individuals may wish to make donations to the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library in memory of a friend or relative. The Library appreciates such thoughtfulness.

Please visit the Donations page to learn more about Memorial and Cash gifts to the Library.

Materials donated to the Library or purchased as memorial gifts are subject to the Library's Collection Development policy or the Hoosier Art policy. These policies permit the disposal of such items when they are worn out or cease to be useful to library patrons.