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All Hallows’ Read is the brainchild of author Neil Gaiman. In 2010 he had the sudden inspiration to start a new holiday tradition that involved giving books. The next major holiday was Halloween, and All Hallows’ Read was born. The idea behind All Hallows’ Read is to encourage people to “give someone a scary book for Halloween.” Old books, new books, secondhand books, hardcovers, paperbacks, eBooks, audiobooks, they are all fair game. Gather together and share a book with family or friends, or gift a total stranger as a random act of kindness. Rather than a sugary treat, All Hallows’ Read gives someone an experience by connecting that person with a story.

scary book

While booksellers were quick to embrace the book giving aspect of All Hallows’ Read, libraries quickly embraced the reading aspect. During the month of October, librarians encourage patrons to read a scary book to celebrate Halloween, making All Hallows’ Read a celebration of reading as well as of books.

scary book

The horror genre isn’t all blood and guts and homicidal clowns. If you don’t want a book that will keep you up all night, there are plenty of other options. Give something with spooky atmosphere a try. Check out a book with a post-apocalyptic setting. Pick up a thriller from the mystery section. Find a book with a supernatural element or, better yet, explore folklore about “real life” hauntings. If none of these appeal to you, try something seasonal. And if you’re still unwilling to dip your toes into the horror genre, then simply read a book this Halloween.